Your home is your sacred space, your sanctuary and safe place.  Here you'll find unique, sacred tools and meaningful décor items to help enhance the magickal use, look and feel of your home and hearth. 

We're always adding interesting treasures here, so check back often. 

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Gemstone Chakra Japamala Prayer Bead Set -15%

Gemstone Chakra Japamala Prayer Bead Set

These beautiful Gemstone Japmala Prayer Beads measure approximately 32". The beads measure 8mm. The ..

$44.95CAD $38.21CAD

Sun's Eye Original Oils - Select Your Scent -30%

Sun's Eye Original Oils - Select Your Scent

For centuries, a body of traditional knowledge has existed about the use of herbs to attract and ex..

$8.95CAD $6.26CAD

Agate Palm Stone

These creamy banded Agate palm stones are so soothing and calming to hold. They each have such a gen..


Aqua Obsidian Palm Stone

Aqua Obsidian is a man made stone, but holds healing properties just the same.  Aqua Obsidian ..


Atlantisite Palm Stone

Highly polished semi-precious stones that are smooth to the touch. Palm stones are easy to carr..


Aventurine Palm Stone

Aventurine is your spring gem for growth and expansion.  Add one to your garden areas and potte..


Blue Quartz Palm Stone

A helpful aid in any issues requiring diplomacy, Blue Quartz is a soothing and calming stone, b..


Carnelian Palm Stone

These beautiful highly polished palm stones measure approximately 1.5" - 2".  They can be used ..


Gemstone Angel Pendant ~ Guidance, Protection, Intuition

These angel pendants measure over 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" from the top of the swinging metal bail to th..


Quartz Crystal Palm Angel

Beautiful clear Quartz crystal angels for your crystal grids and collections.  Wonderful to hol..


Red Moroccan "Dragon Quartz" Crystal

Red Dragon Quartz is beautiful, stunning, powerful candy red to deep maroon quartz crystals fr..


Rhyolite Palm Stone

The unusual patterns in lovely, protective Rainforest Rhyolite, is where this stone gets its power ..


Smokey Quartz Palm Stone

Smokey Quartz: Said to ease symptoms of depression, sudden change or loss, grief, absorbs negativity..


Tulasi Cinnamon Incense Cones

WOW! We could smell these cinnamon incense cones before we even unpacked our shipment.  This is..


We're proud to offer a wide array of crystals, sacred tools, jewellery and decor to enhance your spiritual path.  With over 15,000 items in our shop and new items arriving daily, there's something magickal for everyone.  We've served the metaphysical community for over 14 years.  Shop with confidence knowing we truly care!  Thank you for being here.  Blessed Be.   -Tara and Peter