Oil Attar Manjari - Violet, Amber

Oil Attar Manjari - Violet, Amber

This royal attar oil has a flowery fragrance that is both sweet and tangy. With its special combination of gentleness and strength Manjari Attar oil touches the senses and the soul, and becomes a wonderful daily companion. 

The deeply feminine and floral violet blends so well with sweet and musky amber.  The blend is topped off with sweet and pure Manjari flowers which rounds out the entire blend with a soft finish.  We're excited about this scent!  Manjari flowers are the small purplish flower-buds of the tulsi plant. They are delicate and beautiful.

The most common use for attar oil is as a perfume oil for the body but it can also be burned in an oil diffuser to create a pleasant aroma.  These bottles hold 1/2 ounce of pure, undiluted attar oils from all over the world, blended into a meaningful, deep and blessed scent by skilled artisans in India. 

Your blessed Attar perfume oil will arrive in a gift pouch. 

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