Quartz Sphere, Large (A)

Quartz Sphere, Large (A)

This amazing Quartz sphere is grade A quality.  It has unique inclusions throughout the piece.  You can literally sit and gaze within this sphere for hours.  You will see something different every time.  This is perfect for scrying and divination work.  It has amazing clarity, yet so much going on inside at the same time.  We're thrilled to bring this one-of-a-kind piece to you.  Someone out there is meant to own this work of art by Mother Nature!

This is a larger size Quartz sphere, measuring 80mm (3").  If you need a stand, please see our displays section.

Quartz is the mother of all healing crystals.  It is the foundation for most other gemstones and crystals on Earth.  Quartz has scientifically measurable vibrations, which is why it us often used to power clocks and watches.  Quartz raises the positive vibration of anything that's near it!  Place this sphere in your home to enhance the positive energy in your life.  

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