Mother & Baby Dragon Wall Plaque

  • Mother & Baby Dragon Wall Plaque
  • $29.95CAD

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Capture the wonderful moment when a mother sees her child for the first time with this Mother Dragon Wall Plaque! Displaying such stunning details, this plaque will look absolutely fantastic among the fantasy décor in your home. Crafted from cold cast resin, this wall plaque is painted entirely by hand. The plaque depicts a blue and black dragon perched on top of an egg, with her mouth open in a joyful pose. Cracking through the shell of the egg is her new red hatchling, adding an extra touch of color.

A fantastic gift idea, this wall plaque is a fantastic way to show your love of dragons to everyone who visits your home. Display the love between a mother and child, even in the fantasy realm, with this Mother Dragon Wall Plaque!

Height: 7.75 Inches

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