Pentagrams (Pentacles) are 5 pointed stars that represent Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  This very old magickal symbol has been demonized by mainstream media and Hollywood.  This symbol represents our connection to al living things.  It is also a protection symbol. 

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Ghost-Seer Raven Pendant

The Raven – a very magical bird who is sacred to many of us who walk a spiritual path.Ravens are oft..


Gothic Pentacle Talisman

The pentacle has been used and worn as a powerful symbol of protection for thousands of years. It’s ..


Guardian Angel Pentacle Ring

In our sometimes harsh and unforgiving world a belief in the Guardian Angel
 restores our faith in o..


Handfasting Band

This beautiful Handfasting Ring is the perfect symbol of eternal love. Handfasting is a traditiona..


Healer's Pentacle Ring

The outer circle is the “Ouroboros.” The Ouroboros is usually depicted in the form of a snake swallo..


Health Talisman

This talisman governs “vitality and the “life force”. ° Made in the USA from Excelsior Pewter (nicke..


Hop Tu Naa Pentacle Pendant

Isle of Man children even today sing on this festival: 'Jinny the squinny went over the house...Hop ..


Moon Pentagram Pendant, Sterling Silver

This pure sterling silver pendant features a intertwined pentagram star and crescent moon design.&nb..


O' Fortuna Pendant

A transcending spirit of harmony and mankind and the perfect union of opposites.  This wing led..


Pentacle Ankh, Amethyst

This Egyptian ankh pendant features Celtic, Wiccan and Egyptian symbology.  It's an amazing pie..


Pentacle Aroma Pendant

This beautiful aroma pendant features an opening chamber and lava balls you insert inside.  Jus..


Pentacle Of The Goddess Talisman

The Pentacle, or five-pointed star, is a powerful symbol used by many cultures throughout history. A..


Pentacle Pendant

Pewter openwork pentacle pendant on adjustable black leather thong.Found in Celtic lore, the pentagr..


Pentacle Pendant ~ Elements, Protection

A classic Pentacle design cast in lead free pewter. Pentacles represent Earth, Air, Fire, Water and ..


Pentacle Pendant, sm

Pewter openwork pentagram circle design pendant on a 18″ tin-plated or surgical steel curb chain.Fou..


Pentacle Raku Bottle Pendant

A glazed clay bottle ready for your mystic oil or powder. The glazing is molted on each bottle and w..


Pentacle Spiral Goddess Pendant, Sterling

This Earth Goddess has been nicely crafted into a genuine .925 sterling silver pendant. It is embell..


Pentagram Earrings - Bronze

Beautiful solid bronze earrings on gold-plated sterling silver hooks.Supplied in a satin-lined gift ..


Pentagram Moon Earrings, Black Onyx

This is a very popular earring design which features black onyx gems and crescent moons.  Cast ..


Pentagram Of Brising ~ Beauty & Charm

Wrought by earth spirits and given to the Viking Goddess Freyja by the Aesir of Odin, this pentagram..


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