Pentagrams (Pentacles) are 5 pointed stars that represent Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  This very old magickal symbol has been demonized by mainstream media and Hollywood.  This symbol represents our connection to al living things.  It is also a protection symbol. 

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Snake Pentacle Pendant, White Bronze

Combined with the mystic symbol of the pentacle, the snake is a powerful totem sure to bring inspir..


Spiral Pentagram Earrings, White Bronze

Beautiful spiral pentagram earrings.  Classic, elegant, magickal. Just Like Silver is a Whit..


Tree Of Life Pentacle Copper Ring, Size 6

Tree Of Life Pentacle Copper Ring.The Tree of Life symbolizes interconnection, wisdom, and hope. A ..


Tree Of Life Pentacle Ring, Sterling

A beautiful sterling silver pentacle tree of life ring.   ..


Triple Moon Pentacle Pendant, With Gem

This sterling silver pentacle pendant features a triple moon design with an assorted gem cabochon.&n..


Triple Moon Pentacle, Sterling & Blue Topaz

The Triple Goddess moon symbol stands for the three stages of a woman...Maid, Mother, Wise Woman. S..


Waxing/Waning Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

This is a double sided pentacle pendant featuring a crescent moon that can either be waning, or waxi..


Angel Moonstone Pentacle Pendant

A beautiful pentacle pendant featuring an angel and rainbow moonstone.  Jewellery cording and g..


Black Star Gothic Pendant

A gothic pentagram pendant set in fine English pewter with an included chain.  This is a beauti..


Brooms Of Elder Talisman

The “Brooms of Elder” is made up of five symbols; the pentacle, the broomstick, the elder leaf, ..


Celtic Moon Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

This Celtic Crescent Moon Pentacle has been crafted into a genuine .925 sterling silver pendant. It ..


Celtic Pentacle Talisman

This designs incorporates Celtic Knotwork into the pentacle to make for a powerful talisman. The unb..


Celtic Pentacle Talisman

This design incorporates Celtic Knotwork into the pentacle to make for a powerful talisman. The unbr..


Crescent Moon Pentacle Pendant - Sterling Silver

Crescent Moon and Star Celtic Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver. This is a beautiful combination of Ce..


Crystal Pentagram Pendant

Pewter openwork crystal pentagram pendant with an amethyst colour crystal on a tin-plated or surgica..


Cunning Heart Pentagram Pendant

A white witch’s talismanic hex for the attraction and protection of romantic love - the cunning, fol..


Dragon Pentacle Pendant

This dragon has discovered a mystical treasure befitting a creature of such majesty.  This pe..


Druid's Amulet

The spiritual forces of the traditional symbol of Wicca magick the Pentacle and the classic Celtic..


Gaelic Plait Pentagram Bracelet

A druid's amulet; a traditional Celtic, hand plaited, black leather wristband with pewter pentagram ..


Ghost-Seer Raven Pendant

The Raven – a very magical bird who is sacred to many of us who walk a spiritual path.Ravens are oft..


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