Crystal Pendants

Crystal Pendants

We carry a very unique assortment of crystal & gemstone pendants.  If there's something special you're looking for and you don't see it here, send us an email and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. 

Crystals have long been recognized as sacred healing tools.  There has been a shift, an awakening, and more people are discovering this healing modality everyday.  You do not need to be a member of an exclusive "crystal club" or pay thousands of dollars to be "certified" in crystal healing.  We are ALL born receptive to the Earth's healing gifts, and we can all be successful at applying the amazing practice of crystal healing to our lives and the lives of those we love.

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Iolite Point Pendant

An Iolte point set in sterling silver.  Approx. size: 1 3/4 " X 1/2" Iolite restor..


Jade Butterfly Necklace, Sterling

This beautiful necklace features small silver butterfly charms and small genuine Jade beads.  I..


Labradorite & Moonstone Point Pendant

A unique design in crystal healing jewellery.  A Labradorite point crystal set in sterling silv..


Labradorite Goddess Pendant, Sterling

A beautiful Goddess holding a genuine Labradorite stone.  The stone has lots of flash and beaut..


Labradorite Goddess Shaped Pendant, Sterling

This unique new pendant design features a drop shaped Labradorite stone and a round piece at the top..


Labradorite Oval Necklace

This amazing piece of Labradorite is set in sterling silver with attached 20" chain.  This ston..


Labradorite Scarab Pendant

Labradorite (also called Spectrolite sometimes) is a considered by mystics to be a stone of transfor..


Lemon Topaz & Moonstone Pendant

This unique design features a sterling silver setting, genuine Lemon Topaz, and beautiful Rainbow Mo..


Lepidolite Pendant, Natural

Encourages independence for setting and attaining goals inconspicuously Protection from outside ..


Light Orange Calcite Pendant

This beautiful light orange Calcite pendant is polished to a point with 6 sides.  It's capped w..


Macrame Wrapped Tumbled Stone Pendant

These very trendy and beautiful pendants are high quality tumbled gems hand-wrapped with macramé cor..


Moldavite Pendant, Natural, Sterling

Each piece has been carefully selected and placed into a sterling silver setting.  At fir..


Moon Owl Pendant

This beautiful Moon Tree of Life pendant has been crafted with magnificent colored semiprecious ston..


Natural Quartz Drilled Pendant

This quartz crystal point is drilled and ready to add to a necklace or dreamcatcher project. Quartz ..


Natural Turquoise Pendant

Turquoise: Connection to Great Spirit, healing, meditation, communication, protection, connection be..


New Jade Pendant (Serpentine)

Lemon Serpentine, sometimes referred to as New Jade, is a hydrous magnesium silicate. It varies in c..


Opal Aura Pendant, Sterling

Opal aura quartz, also known as angel aura, is the end result of a process which uses intense heat..


Opalite Gem Point Pendant

This beautiful gemstone point is crafted of polished Opalite.  Approximately 3/4" long.  A..


Opalite Moon Pendant

Everyone loves Opalite - a man-made shimmering and glowing gem that really catches the eye.  It..


Opalite Point Pendant, Sterling

Of all the gems in our stock room, none catch the eye quite like Opalite!  It is a manmade ston..


We're proud to offer a wide array of crystals, sacred tools, jewellery and decor to enhance your spiritual path.  With over 15,000 items in our shop and new items arriving daily, there's something magickal for everyone.  We've served the metaphysical community for over 14 years.  Shop with confidence knowing we truly care!  Thank you for being here.  Blessed Be.   -Tara and Peter