Celtic knots are complete loops without any beginning or end, this unending style is called pure knots. The knots vary from simple to complicated ones. The use of only one thread highlights the Celts' belief in the interconnectedness of life and eternity.
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Hammer Of The Aesir - Thor's Hammer

A hammer amulet of the Viking God Thor, incorporating the heads of Tanngnjostrand Tanngrisner the su..


Heart Triskele Talisman

“The Heart Triskele” combines three very significant universal symbols; the heart, the triskele, and..


Hop Tu Naa Pentacle Pendant

Isle of Man children even today sing on this festival: 'Jinny the squinny went over the house...Hop ..


Howling Wolf Moon Pendant

Howling wolf and moon pendant – Pewter openwork pendant depicting a wolf howling at the moon. On 18″..


Interlacing Square Celtic Knot Pendant - Bronze

Bronze openwork Celtic interlacing square knot pendant on a gold-plated trace chain.The Celts used k..


Interlacing Triscele Celtic Pendant

Large pewter pendant with embossed Celtic triscele design on adjustable black leather thong.The tris..


Le Knot Celtic Torc Bracelet

Le knot torc bangle has an embossed Celtic knot-work design.According to classical writers, the..


Lugh's Knot Celtic Earrings

Lugh’s knot earrings – pewter. Openwork Lugh’s knot drop earrings on surgical steel hooks.Lugh was t..


Lugh's Knot Celtic Pendant, lg

Lughs knot pendant large – a popular pewter openwork Celtic knot pendant that comes on a tin-plated ..


Lugh's Knot Celtic Pendant, sm

Lughs knot pewter pendant small – an openwork Lugh’s knot pendant on a tin-plated snake chain.Lugh w..


Lyonesse Horse Pendant ~ Beauty & Mystery

In ancient times, the island kingdom of Lyonesse lay off the Cornish coast but disappeared, mysterio..


Mani Moon Pendant ~ Change, Inspiration

The Man in the Moon in Norse myth was Mani, who shone with the light of Not, Viking goddess of the N..


Merlin's Oak Tree Pendant ~ Intuitive Power

This is the sacred tree in which the soul of Merlin awaits his return. According to legend, the wise..


Merlin's Spear Earrings

Merlins spear pewter drop earrings – Pewter knotwork drops on surgical steel hooks.The earliest..


Merlin's Spear Pendant

Merlins spear – pewter knotwork pendant on 18″ tin-plated or surgical steel curb chain.The earliest ..


Merlin's Spear Pendant - Bronze

Bronze knotwork Merlins spear pendant on gold-plated trace chain.The earliest known references to Ki..


Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer Pendant

Wonderfully sculpted of fine English pewter, this pendant is a wonderful representation of Mjolnir, ..


Moon Gazing Hare Pendant

Moon gazing hare pendant – Pewter openwork pendant on 18″ rhodium-plated trace chain.According to ma..


Nevern Cross Pendant

A large, pewter Celtic cross with an embossed knot-work design with a central Turquoise&nb..


Newgrange Celtic Pendant - Bronze

This amazing Celtic pendant is cast in solid Bronze and is made in Cornwall.  It measures appro..


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