Astrology & Celestial

Astrology & Celestial
Space, the final frontier.  The cosmos have fascinated humankind since time immemorial.  All one has to do is gaze up at the night sky, and it all began, why we're here, and how we fit into the bigger picture of the endless, vast universe.
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Moon & Sun Pendant, Sterling

A beautiful celestial pendant set in sterling silver.  1".  Jewellery cording included.Wea..


Moon Dreamer Pendant

This beautiful pendant features a mystical fairy sitting on a crescent moon.  Cast in white bro..


Moon Shield Pendant ~ Clarity & Reflection

Where the Sun boldly bears down its blaze upon a philosophical subject, the moon softly enfolds our ..


Star Chakra Pendant

Star chakra pendant – a pewter openwork Chakra pendant set with seven semi-precious stones – garnet,..


Star Of Skellig ~ Spiritual Growth

The Skellig Star is central to Irish mythology and astronomy as the lunar phases closely mirror our ..


Starman Sterling Pendant

This Starman pendant is a fun, whimsical and magickal piece that will get compliments.  This li..


Sun & Moon Paua Shell Pendant

A beautiful combination of white bronze, sterling silver and paua shell.  Because it's cast in ..


Sun & Moon Pendant, Sterling

This piece is cast in brilliant sterling silver and will really add a celestial touch to your look.&..


Travel Talisman ~ Safe Journeys

Dating from Napoleonic times, this talisman worn next to the heart traditionally grants the wearer S..


Viking North Star Pendant ~ Navigation Through Life

Through magic, Odin spun the heavens around Veraldar Nagli or the World Spike. Known to us as the No..


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