Astrology & Celestial

Astrology & Celestial
Space, the final frontier.  The cosmos have fascinated humankind since time immemorial.  All one has to do is gaze up at the night sky, and it all began, why we're here, and how we fit into the bigger picture of the endless, vast universe.
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Astrology Bracelet, Zodiac -30%

Astrology Bracelet, Zodiac

The outside of each bracelet carries the name of the zodiac sign, the sign symbol, and the symbol fo..

$13.95CAD $9.77CAD

Celtic Crescent Pentacle Moon, White Bronze

Just Like Silver is a White Bronze based semi-precious metal alloyed with other non-t..


Crescent Moon & Star Earrings, White Bronze

Dainty and witchy, these cute magickal moon & star earrings will be a pair you'll want to wear e..


Goddess Of Morning Star - Neck Piece, Sterling

To celebrate the Goddess in us all...this lovely Sterling Silver neck-piece accented with a crystal ..


Moon Frog Charm, Silver

An adorable, tiny, dainty little silver charm of a frog sitting on a happy moon.  1/4".  ..


Zodiac Pendant -30%

Zodiac Pendant

Astrology Pendants each have the name of the zodiac sign and its symbol on the front, and the main c..

$16.95CAD $11.86CAD

Amber Crescent Moon Pendant

This whimsical crescent moon pendant is cast in sterling silver and features three genuine Baltic Am..


Aquarius Symbol Pendant, Amethyst

This depiction of a man pouring a water pitcher represents the Zodiac sign of Aquarius.  He is ..


Astrologer's Star Talisman

The Astrologer’s star is surrounded by “characters of celestial writing”.  Some say this crypto..


Celestial Magick Pendant, Sterling

This sterling silver pendant is a beautiful display of celestial magick.  Approximately 1 1/4" ..


Celestial Tree Pendant, Sterling

A beautiful tree with many leaves that outstretch and reveal a shining sun and moon within it's bran..


Celtic Moon Pendant, Sterling

Very detailed Celtic knots fill this Celtic crescent moon pendant we're sure you'll love.  We'r..


Crescent Moon Pendant, Sterling

Cast from genuine .925 sterling silver, this piece showcases a Celtic design.  The attached bai..


Crescent Moon Pendant, Turquoise

This crescent moon pendant is cast in white bronze with a sterling silver overlay.  It features..


Earth Star Flower Talisman ~ Serenity & Strength

Created as a hex sign by the Amish, this potent talisman traditionally attracts Serenity and Inner S..


Fire & Ice Pendant - Freya Moon

The Northern Goddess of great beauty and enchantment rides the night sky.Silver plated pewter pendan..


Luna Dragon Pendant ~ Strength On Life's Journey

The Celts believed that these nocturnal dragons traveled across the night at the sight of the moon c..


Mani Moon Pendant ~ Change, Inspiration

The Man in the Moon in Norse myth was Mani, who shone with the light of Not, Viking goddess of the N..


Moon & Stars Sterling Pendant

This beautiful sterling silver pendant features an open-cut design of a crescent moon and stars.&nbs..


Moon & Sun Pendant, Sterling

A beautiful celestial pendant set in sterling silver.  1".  Jewellery cording included.Wea..


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