Small Dragons, Set of 4

  • Small Dragons, Set of 4
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Set of 4 Dragon Statues is a great little dragon statue set that any enthusiast would be happy to have. Each of the four dragons in this set are crafted entirely in cold cast resin, while also being hand painted to give them a dark, carved stone look. In this way, many resemble the same stone guardians that kings and warlords would have had in their castles!

The four dragons are all quite different from one another, with each dragon possessing a unique design and character that sets it apart from the rest. Two of the dragons hold swords in their claws, making them look like warrior dragons. One holds a skull, making it look oddly Shakespearian, while the last perches precariously atop a pillar.

Each dragon figurine stands approximately 4 inches tall. Whether they are used together or apart, each member of this Set of 4 Dragon Statues is sure to impress, thanks to their small size coupled with a high level of intricate detail.

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