Goldstone Triangle Pendant

  • Goldstone Triangle Pendant
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This beautiful semi-precious stone is cut into a triangular shape and set in a nickel free alloy. Clean and classic, this piece works perfectly on its own or layered with others. Wear it as a statement piece or use it as a pendulum.

Goldstone is manmade glass with flecks of copper suspended in it, the glass is made in a reducing furnace with copper salts added, this smelts the copper salts back to copper, which then crystallizes.

As a healing stone, it is the stone of ambition and drive and has a gently uplifting quality.  It is often associated with prosperity and abundance. 

The metaphysical properties of copper are said to be the ability to aid the circulatory system, help strengthen bones and fight arthritis pain.

Approximately 3 cm x 2 cm.  Jewellery cording included.

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