Dragon's Blood Oil

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Modern magickal practitioners use Dragon's Blood for various purposes.  It is said to increases the potency of magickal workings, aid in returning lost love, and has powerful protection properties.  It is used to cleanse an area of negativity and for energizing psychically, magickally and spiritually.  A very good use of the oil is to add it to incense mixtures or candles to enhance their energy.

Some other general uses:

~Use in your laundry (a drop will do)

~Add to your floor wash (a few drops)

~Put some in your shoes for good luck (1 drop per shoe)

~ For your altar to anoint objects (candles, incense sticks and cones, etc...)

~Put a few drops in a home diffuser for amazing scent (always add to water in a diffuser)

~Use as a personal power fragrance

This blend is skin safe, but test a small amount first.  Not for internal use.

Sold as a curio.  See our store disclaimer for more info.

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