VibesUp - Toothpaste

VibesUp - Toothpaste


Free Sticky Stone included a (20.00 value) 

One of the first and most important items in VibesUP's new Vibrational Therapy personal care products.  Toothpaste is a common item we use everyday. Its ingredients have a direct and powerful impact on our health and well being.

Did you know?....

Toothpaste collects under our tongue as we use it.

Anything under the tongue travels quickly into our blood stream.  The word for this is sub-lingual.

Common sense says; Be aware of what spends time under your tongue!

Looks Earthy! Tastes GREAT!

Kids LOVE it too!
What is Propolis?
- Bee's make this from Rainforest Tree Sap!  Holocurens Propolis is noted for:

-Promoting Healthy Gums

-Helps Heal & prevent canker sores

-Prevents Gingivitis

-Discourages plaque Bacteria

-Minimizes Mouth infections & Disease

-Promotes Wound Healing

-Freshens Breath

-Immune building qualities

-Free of Toxins, heavy metals pesticides & ferilizers  

Ingredients Braziilan Propolis, Tea Tree Oil, Natural Vegetable Glycerin, Sorbital (from Fruit) Hydrated Silica, Calcium Glycerophosphate

INCLUDED: A FREE Sticky Stone!  - Nature's Nurture for your home & electronics

Sticky Stones help raise the healthy vibration of your toothpaste and they can be reused by re sticking them to electronics around the house. TV, Fridge, Microwave, clock radios, Wall sockets, ipads, computers ect. These helper stones pulse out natural infared (-) earth ions, assisting in neutralizing the harmful unbalance of too much (+) ions from electronics. One stone alone will not neturalize all the electronic energy in your home, however each stone will help make a difference. We suggest getting out in nature as much as you can and bring more nature into our homes. (We included extra sticky dots for re-attaching anywhere)

Receive one large or two small free with each tube of toothpaste.  Stones are infused with VibesUP special formula of essential oils, liquid Crystal and tiny quartz sphere that work like natural healthy batteries that constantly clear and recharge themselves.

Each tube will have variations of stones that may include Amethyst, Aventurine, Sodalite, etc...

No bee's were harmed in the making of this toothpaste :)

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