VibesUp - Snap Wrap (Select theme)

VibesUp - Snap Wrap (Select theme)

The strongest most unusual delivery of nature’s specific vibrational therapies.

Each Bracelet is made with extra concentrated, earth squishy formula containing the nature ingredients that have been tested to be vibrating at the frequency to match each theme.

3. Stiff or sore Neck, elbow, ankle? Snap on an energy treatment.


Lets explore how these Snap Wraps can bring WHOLE body delivery when they are only on our wrists.

Dr. Emoto the Japanese Scientist showed us that liquids instantly take on
the Vibe around them. Joan Flynn who has the clinic and machines to test energy, discovered that VibesUP formulas help clear radiation and other toxins from liquids and at the same time revitalizes it with the healthy balanced energy of nature. PLUS it can gently infuse the liquids to a SPECIFIC natural frequency such as

Special Delivery is YOU!
All the beautiful blood in our body passes by our wrist every 60 seconds on its way to make special deliveries of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of our bodies. The snap wraps help clear toxic energy from the blood as it passes, at the same the blood picks up the high vibrational nature frequencies, and now along with the nutrients and oxygen, the blood can bring delightful messages to each cell of the body. I am healthy, I am Abundant. Imagine every cell of your body vibrating to and sending out these uplifting messages while attracting that same energy back into you life.

The most important message the nature energy in the snap wraps have is to remind the polarities in the cells of your body that they can get back in natures sacred polarity ratio balance and like nature start to become sustainable generators of our own inner energy. Nature does not want to be our belief system it’s just a friend reminding us how to get back into our empowering inner balance. The snap wraps are a way nature can be with us whispering this reminder all day and night. “Remember, remember, you ARE healthy, you ARE abundant, and most important you are LOVED as LOVE is who you really are!”

Choose the theme that suits your day, mood or situation. The Vibe Check UP energy diagnosis game is a great way to help see what your body would like that day. Ask the question the piece your body wants will activate and feel different than the others. Nature can read humans and activates when we would benefit from a specific energy.

Nature and our bodies getting together to bring gentle effective whole body non invasive solutions, that are fun and simple, (nothing to remember to do several times a day) Snap and go.

Bonus in the power of the word. As the wording on your bracelet is seen from the corner of your eye it is picked up on by the subconscious mind. When the subconscious get a message over and over it starts to create that message into your reality. “I AM” …It’s a powerful statement that your subconscious takes very serious, like your inner genie “Your wish is my command”

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