VibesUp - Comfort Bracelet, PMS

VibesUp - Comfort Bracelet, PMS

"I Am Harmony" - Amethyst Stone Bracelet

To help relieve PMS symptoms. 

Word Engraved, Heart Shaped 'Comfort' Bracelets

The same powerful VibesUP coated gem bracelets now available on our most comfortable style yet.  PLUS no more forgetting what theme your bracelet is treated for as these each have the theme etched into the stone in a powerful I AM statement. I AM Abundant, I am Love, I am Joy, etc over 12 themes.

First choose your theme then enjoy choosing your stone type!

Mystery Solved!
New discovery on why the VibesUP Bracelets are able to deliver such BIG results to our whole system- All the blood in our body travels past our wrists every 60 seconds on its way to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells of our body. As it passes by the bracelet it picks up the powerful and specific vibes of nature to bring a specific messages to all of our cells "I am JOY, I am Peace, I am Health, etc" You choose the Message you want your body to radiate at.


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