VibesUp - Chakra Tune Up Bracelets

VibesUp - Chakra Tune Up Bracelets
These special Chakra tools/bracelets are coated with the VibesUP Award wining formula of Essential Plant Botanicals and Therapeutic Gem Dust in a Liquid Crystal amplifying coating. What can they do? Each coated bracelet is tuned into the specific energy of each chakra at its healthiest. All Natural and tested for its accuracy by modern technology.

1st Chakra: Garnet

2nd Chakra: Carnelian

3rd Chakra: Citrine

4th Chakra: Green Aventurine

5th Chakra: Sodalite

6th Chakra: Amethyst

7th Chakra: Clear Quartz


1. Chakra TUNEUP - Lay each bracelet on the coordinating Chakras. Simply rest them on the chakra and relax or additionally imagine breathing the energy of the chakra tool in and out of each area.

2. Rainbow on your wrist- You may also have them as all day chakra energy and nourishment by simply wearing them in a bracelet stackable combo. A fun and beautiful reminder throughout your day that you are a FULL SPECTRUM being.

3.Raise the Healthy Energy value of food & drinks. Hold bracelet under consumables for 10 seconds. Muscle test to see results. Comes with simple muscle test instructions.

4. Keep your VibesUP- High and low Vibrational energy cannot co-exist. Germs, Disease, Pain, Depression, Stress, Judgmental or Grumpy thoughts vibrate low. VibesUP tools will help raise the vibration of you, your food and your body. Vibrate HIGH attract healthy beneficial experiences. Additionally you will find your thoughts are naturally more uplifted when you vibrate high.

Try a fun TEST- You can experience these tools working. Hold any item up to your chest and have someone gentle push down on your other outstretched arm.. If item is beneficial for you, (high energy value) your arm will hold strong, if non beneficial your (low energy value) your arm goes weak. Try holding the non beneficial item against any VibesUP product for 30 seconds- Energy value is raised- RETEST. Your arm now holds super strong! The uplifting effect this had on the item is also happening with you when you wear the bracelets.

Science can now validate and expand our awareness of how important our chakras are.

Advancements in the scientific studies of Vibrational Energy show that Chakras are the power plants of our bodies. Chakra functioning can become unbalanced or impaired which than effects that area both physically and how we interact with the world around us. For example if as a child you were told your opinion did not matter your throat chakra may constrict and function at a minimum energy level. As an adult you may notice challenges in communication and health issues in the throat area such as thyroid functioning.

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