Serenity Stones

Serenity Stones

We offer serenity stones (aka "worry stones") in various sizes, stone types and styles.  Our palm sized stones are great for meditation and relaxation at home or work, and our smaller serenity stones, often called worry stones,  are great for pocket or purse and are more portable.  Serenity stones are usually highly polished and smoothed, but in some cases have a more natural finish.  All are unique.

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Rhyolite Palm Stone

The unusual patterns in lovely, protective Rainforest Rhyolite, is where this stone gets its power ..


Rose Quartz Palm Stone, Large

Rose Quartz associates with love, passion, and harmony.  This stone helps you become attuned to..


Sardonyx Palm Stone

A stone of protection and strength, Sardonyx helps us realize life's meaningful existence and promot..


Shungite Smooth Stone

These smooth stones crafted of genuine Shungite are wonderful to hold, to use for anxiety and stress..


Silver Leaf Jasper Palm Stone

Silver Leaf Jasper is an opaque variety of Chalcedony, which is a variety of microcrystalline fibrou..


Smokey Quartz Palm Stone

Smokey Quartz: Said to ease symptoms of depression, sudden change or loss, grief, absorbs negativity..


Sodalite Palm Stone

Sodalite is believed to be effective in blocking negative energies. The negative vibrations caused b..


Totem Animal Palm Stone -20%

Totem Animal Palm Stone

Animal totem stones (or spirit stones) can be chosen based on a favorite animal or attraction to a..

$4.95CAD $3.96CAD

Wish Stones, Choose Yours :-) -20%

Wish Stones, Choose Yours :-)

Wish Stones are engraved with a wide variety of keepsake words onto highly polished semi-precious ..

$4.95CAD $3.96CAD

Worry Stone: Hematite

Properties of Hematite:Eases stress and insomnia, Balances the body and mind, Aids calm and logical ..


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