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Agate Palm Stone

Agate Palm Stone

These creamy banded Agate palm stones are so soothing and calming to hold. They each have such a gentle, loving energy you'll feel right away.  Children love Agate, and these pieces would be great to give a child to hold if they are restless or upset.  Agate is a gem that takes you to a calm place so you can focus on what matters and react to a situation rationally and calmly.  It is also a very protective and nurturing gem.

Each agate palm stone measures approximately 2.5" - 3".   They are each unique, much like all of us.  Thank you for trusting us to select a piece just for you.  Along with every other crystal and stone in our shop, these have been cleansed with sage and are ready to ship to you.  Many blessings!

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