VibesUp - Amplified Amethyst Cluster

VibesUp - Amplified Amethyst Cluster

Gorgeous Amethyst Crystal Clusters - coated with the VibesUP formula for raising vibrations!

We will select a piece for you - they're all very similar yet unique.  Every piece is stunning.

Small: 2"

Medium: 3"

Large: 4"

*Sizes are approximate

More ways to bring the natural beauty and balance of nature IN to our unbalanced environments.

A message from Kaitlyn Keyt, the creator of the revolutionary VibesUp products:

"When I got on what I call 'my path', or listening to my heart, my heart strongly told me to get myself out in nature, study, listen and learn the wisdom nature has to share.  Along with this, I have brought as much nature into my homes as I can. Even my cabin home, which is surrounded by nature, has been filled with much nature energy.

One of the first things I was ever drawn to was amethyst clusters. If you walk through my homes, it's a purple treasure chest of raw amethyst everywhere.  When I see them, they make happy and I smile, which is often!  There is even one little cluster to greet me when I open my medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I find this ironic because instead of synthetic medicines, there sits my little amethyst friend smiling back at me.

These purple brilliant clusters not only felt good and looked pretty, I learned that they actually help create a loving boundary around your space by transforming non-beneficial energies, EMF, entities and unkind people. Amongst its many qualities, Amethyst also helps activate your third eye and intuition.  It’s perfect energy for my home and a beautiful way to surround myself with nature when I am indoors.

I coated their undersides with the matching essential oil and liquid crystal formula to amplify their abilities. They are now amethyst on natural steroids!

As I look around my house, I thought it would be fun to share these little beauties with all my nature loving friends who are also trying to bring as much of nature’s balance and wisdom IN to the synthetic environments of their homes, cars and offices.

Amethyst has many many uses.  As I researched what stones were good for each theme, I would say, "oh there is amethyst again! It's good for this that and the other!" I would call it the most HELPFUL stone in the world!!"

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