Celtic Dragons Torc Bracelet

Celtic Dragons Torc Bracelet

Celtic Dragons Torc bangle – a pewter open, tapering “beast” torc bangle with a 2 dragon heads design.

PLEASE NOTE: repeated bending of this product may cause it to weaken or break.  You can bend it slightly to fit.

SIZE: 60mm (internal width)

According to classical writers, the Celts wore torcs into battle.
Both neck and arm torcs have been discovered in Britain and Europe and it is thought
that they marked a person of high status, such as a warrior or chieftain.

Dragons are often depicted with wings, a serpent’s tail and horns.
These three elements symbolise celestial force, earth energy and regeneration.
They usually inhabit and control the underworld, the seas and the mountains.
Dragons are guardians of power and secret knowledge.

Supplied in a satin and velvet-lined gift box.


Lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer in Cornwall, UK.  Information included with your piece. 

Pewter is a malleable metal made of tin, copper and antimony. It melts at around 260 degrees Celsius and can be cast into vulcanised rubber moulds which only deteriorate slowly over many casts.

St.Justin's casts their jewellery and gifts using this method and then painstakingly go through a fettling process to remove any surplus material and casting lines.  Each piece is polished and any findings or gemstones are fitted before packing. The whole operation is very labour intensive requiring skills that take many years to perfect.

Pewter is a high quality, durable and affordable alternative to silver.

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